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Nostalgia With Nintindo Power Pad

In games, Nintendo, video game on November 7, 2010 at 11:00 pm

During the Christmas season of 1986, I believe it was, I sneaked into the shed where my mother hid the gifts and saw that she had purchased my sister and I a Nintendo Power Pad!

I believe this contraption paved the way for the relative Wii, Kinect, Move and any others existent and popular today!  Can you imagine being a game tester for this device alone.  Not only did they have endless fun providing feedback to the publisher, but they also probably got paid  doing so.

My experience was sublime.  My sister and I played it for many years.  When company came over it was a source of entertainment.  We mainly played the Olympics game that came with the pad.  We never purchased any other games specifically for the Power Pad, though we loved the Power Pad so much.  I called myself exercising using the Power Pad.  I even at times used my hands to beat the computer when I could not run fast enough.  One bad experience I had was a foul smell one evening when my cousins came to visit.  I did not know them well and was honored to have them in my room.  I thought the smell was from some of them.  Come to find out, the smell came from my feet!  Word of caution, if you use the Power Pad, Wii fit, Twister, or any other game with shoes off, check your feet or wash them off!