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League of Legends Trailer

In video game on July 24, 2014 at 11:17 pm

Gaming has grown so big that now marketers of the so coveted video games are using cinematic trailers.  At least this holds true as Riot Games released the League of Legends Trailer.

As you see this video is truly amazing and it’s not advertising a movie it’s League of Legends! This video was posted on YouTube July 22, 2014 and now one day later it has 7,443,807 views.

The idea behind this type of promotion is that it brings life to the characters and further mesmerizes the “game heads”!  If you recall Valve released a cinematic trailer for Team Fortress 2 and  got many looks too.  It seems here the idea is almost with role-play in mind without the joy stick or game controller in hand.  The viewer sits back and enjoys while the developers tantalizes their minds with a message.

It’s no doubt that similar artistry will follow as it relates to video games.  This industry is ‘evergreen’ as men and women of all ages are addicted to the sport.

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