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How to Dread Your Hair Yourself

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Personal experience is using a loctician to start up my locs, however, I feel my knowledge can Dreadlocks-naanished ligh t on anyone to know how to dread your hair yourself.

I had an inch of permed hair cut off before having my hair two strand twisted as starter locs.  I wore the twist one month before having my loctician latch my hair.

For those independent locticians to your own hair it is important to choose the style of maintainence you will use to upkeep your locs.  By maintainence I mean twisting, latching or interlocking, palm rolling, or simply free forminng.

To learn more about these methods of loc maintainence read my hub here on how to dread your hair yourself.  Latching is my choice way up loc upkeep as it is more permanent than and twisting.  When you first begin locing depending upon  the coarseness of your hair the hair could unravel.  With latching the interlocking pattern secures the hair.  You can wash your hair as such point and just watch and wait for the locing process (budding) begins!

It is that simple!  You dread your hair yourself by getting your hair to a natural state, briading or twist it and let it grow!  Again, you must choose how you will maintain your hair monthly.  It goes without saying the importance of moisturizing the hair and especially the scalp.

I used Mango Locing cream when I first started locing.  I was very satisfied with that product.  You can use this to moisturize your scalp as well.


Will Rocksmith Work With any Guitar?

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Many ask will rocksmith work with any guitar?  These aspiring guitarist understand that Rocksmith is one of the most effective game simulators at beefing up ones ability to play the guitar.

Rocksmith accommodates the bass, acoustic, or lead guitar.  Of course each must have the ability to connect to an amplifier.  There are some questionable connections as it relates to pickup and brands.

This video game is most realistic as it is related to the functions of the guitar.  Other games do not necessarily closely match the frets of a true guitar or the note patterns, strumming.

For more information on will Rocksmith work with any guitar read Rocksmith Reviews.

Nintendo Gamecube Games Still in Circulation

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ImageWith the introduction of the new Wii U and all the Xbox and Playstation versions it can be hard to fathom that many still purchase and enjoy Gamecube Games by Nintendo!  For example, Sonic Heroes is widely chosen among gamers out there today according to Gamefly statistics.

Gamecube was known to me more as a child’s console.  It’s only the true gamers that value to worth of such an entertainment system and all it’s worth.  Find out here where to buy nintendo gamecube games Sonic Heroes.


Dance Costumes To Sell or Not to Sell

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May of 2011 marked my daughters’ debut in ballet!  They did an excellent jobperforming in their first ever recital.  Since then we have moved on to Girl Scouts and less costly extra-curricular activities.  When it comes to their dance costumes I am considering selling them!




The costumes are beautiful as they are complete with wings and pastel-like colors.

Though I’m extremely blessed I could use a little extra cash here and there!  I have been a seller on eBay and have successfully sold about eight items with positivefeedback.  I have also sold rather well on Craigslist.

Currently I am an affiliate marketer and I am marketing a new site for jazz pianistscalled Jazz Intensive Training Center.  This has not brought me any funds so far.  So shall I sell the dresses or not?

Can You Make Money on YouTube?

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Can You Make Money on YouTube
? Absolutely.  I just checked my earnings today for one of my YouTube accounts and I’d made nearly $50.  I was surprised, yet thrilled!  

How to make money off YouTube

After your YouTube channel has reached over 1,000 or so (I’m not 100% sure) you become eligible to join as a YouTube partner.  YouTube will inform you by placing visible notes that you can monetize your videos.

If you do not have an existing Google Adsense account you will be led to do so.  Google Adsense is the sect of Google in which ads are placed on your content, web searches, videos, and more.  For example, if you have a website that get 100 visitors a day and you apply Google Adsense ads to your website you can actually earn money if a visitor clicks on an ad displayed.

YouTube has overlay ads on the actual video screen which can be evasive.  YouTube also has ads on the right margin of the video veiwer and ads that proceed the video similar to those at Daily Motion or known video sites.

These ads earn you money!  However, you can also make money from YouTube through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply earning commission when your website traffic makes a purchase using your affiliate link.  An example is my music affiliate website.  If my visitor reads my review of the music training DVD and decides to buy it they click my link forwarded to the sales page.  When the purchase is made my affiliate account with the network will be credited for the sale and I earn affiliate commissions.

Providing content to individuals searching for information is the easiest way to earn money on YouTube.  Viewers will visit your website and make a purchase, leave their e-mail, or provide their e-mail address to your autoresponder so they become a part of your list.

Even if you do not make a sale initially from YouTube traffic having a list is a popular strategy among internet marketers as exposure insures sales.  The money is in the list they say!

I hope this short article sheds some light on the process of making money with YouTube.  For more information on how you can make money online please visit my Squidoo dedicated to the topic of “you can make money“.


Wealth4All My New Whim

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The title indicates whim in a negative connotation; however, this was a wise decision to join Wealth4All over a HYIP as my money is too dear to risk in a high yield investment program.  Wealth4All is a safe investment as far as I can see and they tout of even guaranteeing a 10 days pay  out, every 10 days!  They provide an advertising community where you purchase and receive a kickback from advertising and training through Wealth4All.

All you do to join Wealth4All is provide a little basic information.  You purchase a TAP which stands for training and advertising package.  Each tap has its own worth and payout.  Naturally, the more TAPs one can purchase, the higher the payout every ten days!

I have my account as a low investment account.  This is because I have little capital though I look for programs that are trustworthy to grow my money.  Nevertheless, without adding an additional dime, I plan to perpetuate and grow my initial investment!

I have a goal of $500 a month with this program.  I realize this will take strategy and patience, but what’s the rush?  I only invested $16 plus a $10 administration fee (annual) and the payment processor charged $6 to handle the transaction which totals $32.

Here is an outlay of my earning potential with Wealth4All:

Here is what you pay and what you earn from other TAPs (TRAINING AND ADVERTISING PACKAGES)  .
 TAP #
 AU’s cost
Ref Bonus  
$ 16.00
  $  4.50
$ 32.00
  $  7.20
$ 64.00

Each tap contains 12 different packages within.  So my $16 purchase only bought TAP 1.1 out of 12 TAP 1 level advertising and training packages.  Eventually, I hope to convince my husband to join and his account will be the one where I add funds and start with a greater investment!

I hope to appeal Wealth4All to those like me who haven’t a lot of funds to squander, yet want to grow wealth in a safe online program.  To read my full blog in its entirety, visit Wealth4All.

Jazz Improvisation Versus Stringent Sheet Music

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As a keyboardist sometimes my mind wonders about things.  This particular instance relates to my love of music and its many different presentations.  Jazz is a genre I’m growing in.  My husband is a professional saxophonist and he is a student of jazz so his learning rubs off on me.  Classical music is where I got rooted in as a child.  However, when you compare the two in terms of color, class, and popularity I could not help but ponder the preference of many.

I can’t say that I necessarily like Jazz over classical music.  Though my current playing style is largely based in jazz.  Nevertheless, I do respect classical music; however, I think too much of it begins to get a bit elevator music-like.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I enjoy the non-conventional methods involved in composing Jazz with the improvisation and adlibs.  I like the syncopation and solos and body movements of some musicians that are in a trance.  On the same token classical music can be so serene and almost cleansing.  As a teacher, I should play it more often in the classroom!

  It’s hard to choose whether I like the freedom of the jam or the written composition and the surprise entailed in reading and feeling what the artist was conveying in each note!

I don’t read much anymore though I took classical lessons for over 10 years.  I don’t practice much at all, so I’m really lacking in all areas!  I will say that a recent endeavor will have me leaning more to the jazz side as my husband purchased Jazz 101 by Hear and Play.  This two disc DVD tutorial will help me without having to read any notes.  I’ll just pop it in and watch, practice and learn!

It’s a healthy practice to stay proficient in my reading of sheet music.  I actually taught piano for a season.  I was skilled, but could have been better in the department of sheet music had I stayed consistent in practice.

Whatever your preference, if you’re like me, you’ve got to tip your haps to the likes of Herbie Hancock or even Bach.  Sheet music or not, musical expression is hot!


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ROI Unlimited Wannabes

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ROI Unlimited is appealing to some of you out there; however, you find it impossible at the present time to join! I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve been an ROI Unlimited Wannabe!

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being an ROI Wannabe. You should research such an investment in full. After all, $250 invested into a business opportunity/travel discount product is nothing to sneeze at for many. Knowing What Does the ROI in “ROI” Unlimited is even something you should understand prior to joining!

There is a means of getting the $250 without having to fork out $250. By this I mean a feeder program. Many feeder programs exist. They are quite brilliant, actually. One in particular I’ve found to be a cash generator. It does not require monthly payments. It does not cost $10 or more to join. Furthermore, you wil learn many valuable lesson that can contribute to your future business in ROI Unlimited.

I’ve put together a presentation of sorts that will explain how to get to your $250 goal without having to pay $250.

For more information visit, here>>>>One X feeder program.