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Love, God, & Sax at is Up and Running

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Darryl Donnell Murrill has upgraded his current online presence with the recent launch of his new website at!  Darryl credits his staff for a job well done in the advancements.  This new site is at the eve of the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERArelease of his sophmore CD, Love, God & Sax!

Darryl Murrill is a saxophonist who is rooted in gospel, but plays other genres of a clean nature, of course!  Murrill is unique in his own right, but can be compared with the leading saxophonist out there like Mike Phillips or Marcus Anderson.  While Darryl can easily make the saxophone sing, he also respects the art of jazz and its super complexities.  Artists like Quamon Fowler , Cannonball Adderly, and Sonny Rollins are some of his favorite traditional jazz artists.   When it comes to Gospel jazz, Murrill studies greats like Kirk Whalum or Merlon Devine.

Much is to be seen from Darryl Donnell Murrill as he is just on the brink of greatness.  He gives God the glory in all his successes and prides himself in making good music.  His band is also featured within his biography, A Step Above.  Together these talented gentleman will have your foot tapping and your fingers snapping!


Worship Guitar Gets My Attention

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So many worship songs exist to name that have the most flowing and smooth guitar pieces incorporated within the band creating worship music!  Nicole C. Mullen’s “Music of My Heart” is a prime example of worship guitar and how splendid it can be!

Such worship songs have the most beautiful worship guitar parts in them.  While I am a drummer and keyboardist; however, I do respect and appreciate worship guitar’s presence which helps to accentuate the words in adoration to God.

Psalmist like Nicole C. Mullen, Chris Tomlin, or Israel are known for their ability to strum and pick while singing and playing the guitar.  Guitar has a distinct sound whether it is in a worship song or not.  I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly attracted to it.

To me, worship is the deepest expression of love and exhortation unto the Lord.  Cymbals, timbrel, dance, stringed instruments, all are suitable to give God the glory and reverence he is due.  I visualize a harp when thinking of a face-to-face worship session with the Lord.  Well, the guitar is in the string family and I just can’t express the feel and color it adds to worship!

If a capo is used, open string chords, or even bar chords the product of worship is a melodious memory to me that is truly a delight.  Some guitarist play by ear, some worship guitar players read sheet music or a guitar chords chart.  Just so long as the music in genuine worship, it’s okay with me!

Worship guitar gets my attention so much so as I would venture to learn to play guitar.  No.  I am too busy trying to play worship keyboard!

For those looking to play worship guitar Aaron Anastasi has a fantastic system in Play Worship Guitar which teaches beginners to play worship songs on guitar.  You do not have to know how to read music, how to string a guitar, or how to even play a guitar.  So put your guitar on your priority list and prepare for worship guitar chords to flow freely with Aaron’s worship guitar DVD tutorial site!

Back Pocket Band Details

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Back Pocket Band

Are you a musician who loves to practice?  If your answer is yes then you’ve probably really skilled in your instrument playing.  Back Pocket Band is a musician practicing tool that allows composers, artists, musical masterminds to rehearse with accompaniment tracks from real musicians.

Base licks, grooving clicks track, or drums can especially add the pizazz element when routinely practicing your instrument.  Practically any instrument can be practiced along side the tracks of Back Pocket Band.

As the old adage goes practice makes perfect.  With Back Pocket Band the price of perfection is in accordance with the sounds of a band experience through this state of the art software.

The Back Pocket Band software is computer based and is subject to updates as the library of accompaniment tracks are expandable.  The tracks operate somewhat like a traditional metronome in the sense that they can be sped up and slowed down.  The tracks vary from grooves to a foot-stomping bluesy vibe!

To see this musical practicing software called Back Pocket Band in action visit my Back Pocket Band review.

Gospel Music Training Center 24/7

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As a church keyboardist I cannot afford to continue to practice! I can; however, afford to pay the just under $40 a month to be a part of Gospel Music Training Center!

Gospel Music Training Center is not just for existing keyboard players like myself. If you want to become a church organist or keyboard player, but know absolutely nothing about playing the instrument, Gospel Music Training Center is appropriate for you too!

The membership site is complete with foundational video tutorials, lessons of current songs as well as undeniable classics, an online community for support and networking, a store, and a whole lot more!

The video tutorials are even offered in a simple format on up to an advanced version. This was a shrewd move as this allows the Gospel musician room to grow with this musical system and not get bored with the offerings at Gospel Music Training Center.

Furthermore, the videos are complete with visuals that aid in getting the right notes while you practice. What I really like is how I can log in and practice at Gospel Music Training Center 24/7. I cannot do that with weekly lessons downtown!

Though you are not actually touching a human, Jermaine Griggs and PJ Morgan of Hear and Play are very real and their knowledge of the keyboard is amazing!

Gospel Keys 202 Taught Me Fancy Jazz Chords

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Gospel Keys 202 is a DVD tutorial set by Jermaine Griggs. He is the founder of This set teaches how to master worship chords. I boast of learning fancy jazz chords and that is because though I have played for years, it was after my experience with Gospel Keys 202 that my playing was enhanced with a greater flavor!

This four disc DVD set gives you instruction on ear training, coupling chords together in order to transition during worship, how to play worship greats like “As the Deer”, “Hallelujah” and “Anointing”. I love the explicit teaching Jermaine Griggs provides. I am used to sitting next to an individual and learning. This DVD is just as effective and session never ends as you can rewind over and over again!

I have taken what I learned here and added my own personality to the worship chords and have expanded tremendously. I feel that that is Griggs’ intent. Initially you sound a mirror to his style. With more practice and persistence you become more comfortable and are able to express true creativity! You see, though I played I was not satisfied with the style of chords I played. I had some nice and jazzy chords in my bag, but at large I needed a refresher course. This course allowed me to register and reproduce two hand chords that sound like what jazz artist place in some respects. Those chords can liven up any song!

Here is a YouTube video with a clip of Jermaine Griggs’ Gospel Keys 202. I hope you enjoy it as much as I!

What Does God Want of Us!

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Giving credence to holy scriptures, we believe the report therein of the  sovereignty of the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob.  With that, have you ever wondered what this God required of you?  I have!  I beleive God wants my service as a vessel who will bring Him glory through holiness, lovingness, giving, and witnessing.  Consider the billboard hit song, He Wants it All by forever Jones below.

This song deals with God’s desire that we as human beings, His creation, serve him wholy.  So many times we may wonder what God wants, but we are apathetic and do nothing about it.  I came to encourage all to seek God through prayer, fasting, meditation upon the holy scriptures.  Hear what he sayeth and desires of you.  I believe he will speak to your heart, whether it’s in the scriptures, through a prophet, through dreams, or in an audible voice.  He wants us for his use!

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, [which is] your reasonable service Roman 12:1

Now that we know how to seek God for our purpose and his will for our lives, what about the next level?  This is an area in which I struggle.  Yet, I know that God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him (Hebrews 11:6).  I know that there is more for me to do on earth.  This scripture alone tells us that if we remain diligent, God will reward us.  However, that same scripture states that to come to him means that we must know that God is God through faith.  By faith I know that that next level of serving God will be revealed along with the rewards for diligently seeking Him.  I believe it’s just that simple!  View the final video below as it beautifully puts for a call of action (Shekinah Glory Ministries). 

God bless you!