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Thrift Store Shopping for Clothes

In fashion on September 6, 2015 at 5:13 am

As a teacher I made sure my children were well taken care of for the return to school.  They were blessed with money from family and friends.  Once their supplies, shoes, and clothing were all satisfactory I thought, “Hmm… What about me?”

With little to spare I turned to thrift store shopping for clothes as I honestly enjoy it.  I knew my savings was depleted and my next pay check was due in two weeks.  I went to a resale shop in a neighboring town and was truly elated to find two bags full of goodies.

That second hand clothing came with named brands I have heard of before and others I did not.  Nevertheless, the clothing looked fantastic and all of it fit!  I had enough money left over to purchase two new pair of shoes.

This particular thrift shop offers on certain days bags of clothing for a set price.  Years ago bags were $8 now they are $10.  I spent for two bags what I would have on one blouse regular retail!

The only negative thing is that as I peered through the racks of clothing I noticed a peculiar looking bug.  I believe it was a bedbug.  That encouraged me even the more to come home and wash my findings immediately!   Not to mention, the woman who checked me out did not touch the clothing.  She dumped my shopping, paper bag into a plastic trash bag.  It is likely it was a bed bug.

It is a great find when I thrift shop and snag brands that I know are far out of my purchase power.  For example, years ago I purchased a business suit from Goodwill for little and it was from the Limited, I believe.  It was gorgeous…  Too bad I can’t still fit it!

I can imagine in a place like that with some of everything in it there are many bugs and unwanted pests.  I am so grateful to have begun the year looking fresh and not a soul has to know that my clothes were gently used and not new!