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How to Track a Package Without a Tracking Number

In Online Shopping on September 14, 2015 at 2:29 am

With Christmas time approaching or for the avid shopper online you may be wondering how to track a package without a tracking number.  The answer to your shopping query is simply use an app!  That’s right.  If you possess a smart phone tracking your online purchases can be easy with the installation of Slice: Package Tracker.

Slice allows a shopper to eliminates the requirement of having a tracking number.  With over 100,000 installs, Slice touts of being exclusive to automatic tracking of packages.  Furthermore, this app keeps its users abreast of recalls, changes in prices, tracks outbound delivers and returns, or assists with refunds.

Slice is able to track purchase shipment through collecting the tracking number in the purchase email.  The wherabouts of your package is shown on a geo-tracking map with any pertinent information visible.

The best thing about Slice is that is it absolutely free to install and use!  Users track purchcases from sites such as Amazon, Best Buy, Etsy, eBay and more!  Major shipping couriers such as Amazon, USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, OnTrac, Lasership, Prestige, Ensenda are also supported.   

One could think of Slice as the shopping companion!  To download Slice to track your packages without a tracking number visit here.

Solar Joy Review

In Solar Energy for Home on September 12, 2015 at 5:27 am

Have you ever considered the savings, if any, that exist from solar power for a home?  Well, if Calculate savings with solar power system installationyour knowledge of a solar power system is limited to solar lights this Solar Joy Review is for you!

The company known as Solar Joy purports to save eligible families money on their montly electricity bill.  This is possible through solar panel installation.  Solar Joy touts of the “going green” movement and the government incentives that are up and rising for those homeowners investing in solar energy.

This company is unique in that they guarantee their solar power panels for two decades with little maintenance required.  Furthermore, the strength of their service is said to be effective enough for a hot bath and to heat a home.  Seem worth it?

Benefits of solar power for your home are:

  • tax credit
  • environment friendly
  • savings
  • avoid fluctuating electricity expenses
  • home value increase
  • low maintenance

Photovoltaic cells are what solar panels are made of.  These cells are capable of transferring electrons from the sun’s energy into electricity that we can use.  The expense of such a measure may seem exorbitant.  It has been known to cost up to $30,000 for installation of a solar power system for a home.  Solar Joy has third party financing available to make the change from fossil fuel energy to renewable energy source, solar power, feasible to all to enjoy.  To get a free quote about solar panel installation visit Solar Joy review here .

Thrift Store Shopping for Clothes

In fashion on September 6, 2015 at 5:13 am

As a teacher I made sure my children were well taken care of for the return to school.  They were blessed with money from family and friends.  Once their supplies, shoes, and clothing were all satisfactory I thought, “Hmm… What about me?”

With little to spare I turned to thrift store shopping for clothes as I honestly enjoy it.  I knew my savings was depleted and my next pay check was due in two weeks.  I went to a resale shop in a neighboring town and was truly elated to find two bags full of goodies.

That second hand clothing came with named brands I have heard of before and others I did not.  Nevertheless, the clothing looked fantastic and all of it fit!  I had enough money left over to purchase two new pair of shoes.

This particular thrift shop offers on certain days bags of clothing for a set price.  Years ago bags were $8 now they are $10.  I spent for two bags what I would have on one blouse regular retail!

The only negative thing is that as I peered through the racks of clothing I noticed a peculiar looking bug.  I believe it was a bedbug.  That encouraged me even the more to come home and wash my findings immediately!   Not to mention, the woman who checked me out did not touch the clothing.  She dumped my shopping, paper bag into a plastic trash bag.  It is likely it was a bed bug.

It is a great find when I thrift shop and snag brands that I know are far out of my purchase power.  For example, years ago I purchased a business suit from Goodwill for little and it was from the Limited, I believe.  It was gorgeous…  Too bad I can’t still fit it!

I can imagine in a place like that with some of everything in it there are many bugs and unwanted pests.  I am so grateful to have begun the year looking fresh and not a soul has to know that my clothes were gently used and not new!