How to Dread Your Hair Yourself

In Uncategorized on August 18, 2015 at 10:56 pm

Personal experience is using a loctician to start up my locs, however, I feel my knowledge can Dreadlocks-naanished ligh t on anyone to know how to dread your hair yourself.

I had an inch of permed hair cut off before having my hair two strand twisted as starter locs.  I wore the twist one month before having my loctician latch my hair.

For those independent locticians to your own hair it is important to choose the style of maintainence you will use to upkeep your locs.  By maintainence I mean twisting, latching or interlocking, palm rolling, or simply free forminng.

To learn more about these methods of loc maintainence read my hub here on how to dread your hair yourself.  Latching is my choice way up loc upkeep as it is more permanent than and twisting.  When you first begin locing depending upon  the coarseness of your hair the hair could unravel.  With latching the interlocking pattern secures the hair.  You can wash your hair as such point and just watch and wait for the locing process (budding) begins!

It is that simple!  You dread your hair yourself by getting your hair to a natural state, briading or twist it and let it grow!  Again, you must choose how you will maintain your hair monthly.  It goes without saying the importance of moisturizing the hair and especially the scalp.

I used Mango Locing cream when I first started locing.  I was very satisfied with that product.  You can use this to moisturize your scalp as well.


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