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Empire Avenue Escapade to SEO

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Have you ever considered Empire Avenue for SEO (search engine optimization)?  If you are like me, looking for a means to consistently dot every “i” and every “t” of what Google requires in order to rank your videos, articles, photographs, you are open to free ways of getting those so necessary social signals.  I am giving a whirl at Empire Avenue for SEO.

Empire avenue to me is a social media portal where individuals interact with their social media presences and get virtual currency for doing so.  The number one reason I would invest my time in such a venue is because I understand the value of social pointers from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google+.

Thus, I write this post to appeal to the many of you who have been investigating this social phenomenon, Empire Avenue.  I began yesterday evening and have a dividend share of 14 and have purchased stock in 11 individuals.  I guess that’s moving in the right direction.

I am all for networking, reading other peoples content, reposting, retweeting, sharing.  However, I dare not get too caught up in the interaction on Empire Avenue that I forget the promotion of my content and that of my family and friends.  I am buying people and completing missions which means I am liking, sharing, visiting, and commenting on other peoples content just so that I can get other people to like, share, comment, purchase, follow my content!

Sites like Socisynd, OnlyWire, LinkLuv, Social Monkey, SocialAdr, TribePro, and more all specialize in getting social activity or a social buzz stirred up around given content.  People on-line claim to use sites like this alone and get rankings on the first page of Google.  Is that possible using Empire Avenue?  I do not know as of yet, but I am going to find out.  Empire Avenue is can be free alternative to those sites which have free accounts, but also paid accounts.

Last month I used Socisynd, but did not have success with it.  It worked, do not get me wrong, but I found that my campaigns for likes on facebook did not work.  I felt its ease of use was not high and chose to discontinue using it.  I eyed LinkLuv, but for some reason said I would give Empire Avenue a whirl first!

One thing is for sure, if Empire Avenue works by providing me valuable connections with like-minded individuals and gives me backlinks or social signals that are weighty enough to help my content rank, I will tell it loud and clear!  The thing I like so far about Empire Avenue after just a day of involvement is that I get higher status for activity on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.  I will log in daily and work my social sites and the Empire Avenue game for 20-40 minutes to keep this good thing going…

More About Empire Avenue

Due to my newness to this sight I will detail Empire Avenue directly from the sight at Empire Avenue dot com:

Our Vision:

Connecting the world to people’s knowledge and networks so they can realize their full potential.

Our Mission:

To build a global marketplace where any individual can realize the value of their reputation and networks.

The Empire Avenue Social Market is a fun game built around social media using virtual currency. Individuals and Businesses can use the game to “invest” their currency in other profiles and create a connected Portfolio of profiles that span multiple networks from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and more. The more people you invest in and the more you invest in each person, the deeper your connections. The following is what you can accomplish by playing the Social Market game on Empire Avenue:

  1. Drive engagement across multiple networks. Investments on Empire Avenue can lead to connections in all the other networks you and your investments might be active in
  2. Earn Eaves by playing the market so you can use it to drive further engagement or derive real business value by promoting yourself or business to new networks
  3. Use the Network Scores and Share Price concepts to see how to improve your Social Media standings
  4. Connect with some of the top Social Media people using the game mechanics rather than seeking intros
  5. Have some fun!

How do I earn Empire Avenue “Eaves” (virtual currency) on the Stock Market?

Empire Avenue uses a virtual currency called “Eaves”, signified by a blue “e” icon seen throughout the site. This virtual currency is used throughout Empire Avenue, as well as purchasing Upgrades and creating Missions. This currency has no real-world value.

There are many ways to earn Eaves including doing Missions and purchasing Eaves in our Shop. Following are the ways you can earn Eaves on the Social Market:

  1. Sell your virtual shares to others. Every time another user buys your virtual shares, you get to keep 50 % of the value of the virtual shares. So if someone buys 200 virtual shares in you at a price of 10e per virtual share, they pay 2100e (includes a 5% commission the buyer pays) and you get 1000e. Beyond 20,000 outstanding virtual shares, the percentage paid to you from virtual share sales decreases from 50% down to a minimum of 10% for high numbers of outstanding virtual shares.
  2. Sell virtual shares from your portfolio for a profit. As you buy virtual shares in other profiles and as days pass, you will (hopefully!) find that the virtual stock price of those profiles has increased. You can then, if you wish, sell those virtual shares for a profit. As with a real stock market, a good strategy is “buy low, sell high”. Remember, there is a commission (usually 5 %) for both buying and selling of virtual shares, so a very small increase in virtual stock price may not result in much profit.
  3. Dividends in Eaves are rewarded to you from your investments. For example, you’ve invested in John, John is active online and receives engagement, you will receive a daily Dividend from John based on your investment in him. You can see how much we estimate he will pay you on his Profile under Average Dividend Per Share. For example If you own 100 shares in John, and John pays 1.25e per share in daily Dividend then you should receive 125e in eaves each day. As it is dependent on John’s activity and engagement, the actual daily payment may change up or down!

What are shares on Empire Avenue and what do they mean?

In the real world, companies sell units of value, called “shares”, whose buyers become part owners of the value of the company. Similarly, on Empire Avenue, buying shares in other users allows you to receive “Dividends” (payments in virtual currency “Eaves”) when they are active on their social networks. Empire Avenue allows you to “buy” virtual shares in registered users as if the user was a company on a real-world stock exchange, and similarly allows others to buy virtual shares in you. In effect, Empire Avenue is granting you a license to hold virtual shares in a profile for as long as you are a member of Empire Avenue’s website and abide by our Terms and Conditions of Use. Having virtual shares entitles you to receive “Dividends” in virtual currency from a profile’s social media activity and engagement.


There is so much more to Empire Avenue.  So much more that I must refer you there to read up for better understanding.