Gamefly Free Month

In games, Nintendo, video game on February 22, 2014 at 6:40 am

What is not to love about a Gamefly free month?  If you are just grasping the concept of video game rentals or are just hearing about Gamefly for the first time, you’re going to love this!

Gamefly is often referred to as the Netflix of video games.  You pick your game, it’s mailed to your address and you return it on your own accord.  You don’t have fees, lines, or the hassle of getting the title back on time!

The extra special thing about Gamefly is the fact that they cater to people like you who have not yet taken the plunge into the great service they offer for gamers.  Gamefly has the one month free trial (the best Gamefly coupon there is!).

Gamefly provides not only games, but digital downloads for pc, movies, and more.  Some of the consoles games can be rented or purchased at a discount for are: Xbox one, Xbox 360, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo Gameboy Advance, PSP, Wii, and many more.

Don’t settle for playing only the free online guitar games!  Get all the guitar games out there with like Guitarbot, Rocksmith, Guitar Hero at Gamefly!

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