Worship Guitar Gets My Attention

In Christian Living, Gospel Music, music band, worship music on August 8, 2012 at 7:04 am

So many worship songs exist to name that have the most flowing and smooth guitar pieces incorporated within the band creating worship music!  Nicole C. Mullen’s “Music of My Heart” is a prime example of worship guitar and how splendid it can be!

Such worship songs have the most beautiful worship guitar parts in them.  While I am a drummer and keyboardist; however, I do respect and appreciate worship guitar’s presence which helps to accentuate the words in adoration to God.

Psalmist like Nicole C. Mullen, Chris Tomlin, or Israel are known for their ability to strum and pick while singing and playing the guitar.  Guitar has a distinct sound whether it is in a worship song or not.  I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly attracted to it.

To me, worship is the deepest expression of love and exhortation unto the Lord.  Cymbals, timbrel, dance, stringed instruments, all are suitable to give God the glory and reverence he is due.  I visualize a harp when thinking of a face-to-face worship session with the Lord.  Well, the guitar is in the string family and I just can’t express the feel and color it adds to worship!

If a capo is used, open string chords, or even bar chords the product of worship is a melodious memory to me that is truly a delight.  Some guitarist play by ear, some worship guitar players read sheet music or a guitar chords chart.  Just so long as the music in genuine worship, it’s okay with me!

Worship guitar gets my attention so much so as I would venture to learn to play guitar.  No.  I am too busy trying to play worship keyboard!

For those looking to play worship guitar Aaron Anastasi has a fantastic system in Play Worship Guitar which teaches beginners to play worship songs on guitar.  You do not have to know how to read music, how to string a guitar, or how to even play a guitar.  So put your guitar on your priority list and prepare for worship guitar chords to flow freely with Aaron’s worship guitar DVD tutorial site!


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