Can You Make Money on YouTube?

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Can You Make Money on YouTube
? Absolutely.  I just checked my earnings today for one of my YouTube accounts and I’d made nearly $50.  I was surprised, yet thrilled!  

How to make money off YouTube

After your YouTube channel has reached over 1,000 or so (I’m not 100% sure) you become eligible to join as a YouTube partner.  YouTube will inform you by placing visible notes that you can monetize your videos.

If you do not have an existing Google Adsense account you will be led to do so.  Google Adsense is the sect of Google in which ads are placed on your content, web searches, videos, and more.  For example, if you have a website that get 100 visitors a day and you apply Google Adsense ads to your website you can actually earn money if a visitor clicks on an ad displayed.

YouTube has overlay ads on the actual video screen which can be evasive.  YouTube also has ads on the right margin of the video veiwer and ads that proceed the video similar to those at Daily Motion or known video sites.

These ads earn you money!  However, you can also make money from YouTube through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply earning commission when your website traffic makes a purchase using your affiliate link.  An example is my music affiliate website.  If my visitor reads my review of the music training DVD and decides to buy it they click my link forwarded to the sales page.  When the purchase is made my affiliate account with the network will be credited for the sale and I earn affiliate commissions.

Providing content to individuals searching for information is the easiest way to earn money on YouTube.  Viewers will visit your website and make a purchase, leave their e-mail, or provide their e-mail address to your autoresponder so they become a part of your list.

Even if you do not make a sale initially from YouTube traffic having a list is a popular strategy among internet marketers as exposure insures sales.  The money is in the list they say!

I hope this short article sheds some light on the process of making money with YouTube.  For more information on how you can make money online please visit my Squidoo dedicated to the topic of “you can make money“.



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