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Wealth4All My New Whim

In Uncategorized on July 6, 2012 at 6:03 am

The title indicates whim in a negative connotation; however, this was a wise decision to join Wealth4All over a HYIP as my money is too dear to risk in a high yield investment program.  Wealth4All is a safe investment as far as I can see and they tout of even guaranteeing a 10 days pay  out, every 10 days!  They provide an advertising community where you purchase and receive a kickback from advertising and training through Wealth4All.

All you do to join Wealth4All is provide a little basic information.  You purchase a TAP which stands for training and advertising package.  Each tap has its own worth and payout.  Naturally, the more TAPs one can purchase, the higher the payout every ten days!

I have my account as a low investment account.  This is because I have little capital though I look for programs that are trustworthy to grow my money.  Nevertheless, without adding an additional dime, I plan to perpetuate and grow my initial investment!

I have a goal of $500 a month with this program.  I realize this will take strategy and patience, but what’s the rush?  I only invested $16 plus a $10 administration fee (annual) and the payment processor charged $6 to handle the transaction which totals $32.

Here is an outlay of my earning potential with Wealth4All:

Here is what you pay and what you earn from other TAPs (TRAINING AND ADVERTISING PACKAGES)  .
 TAP #
 AU’s cost
Ref Bonus  
$ 16.00
  $  4.50
$ 32.00
  $  7.20
$ 64.00

Each tap contains 12 different packages within.  So my $16 purchase only bought TAP 1.1 out of 12 TAP 1 level advertising and training packages.  Eventually, I hope to convince my husband to join and his account will be the one where I add funds and start with a greater investment!

I hope to appeal Wealth4All to those like me who haven’t a lot of funds to squander, yet want to grow wealth in a safe online program.  To read my full blog in its entirety, visit Wealth4All.