Back Pocket Band Details

In Gospel Music, music band on February 19, 2012 at 8:05 am

Back Pocket Band

Are you a musician who loves to practice?  If your answer is yes then you’ve probably really skilled in your instrument playing.  Back Pocket Band is a musician practicing tool that allows composers, artists, musical masterminds to rehearse with accompaniment tracks from real musicians.

Base licks, grooving clicks track, or drums can especially add the pizazz element when routinely practicing your instrument.  Practically any instrument can be practiced along side the tracks of Back Pocket Band.

As the old adage goes practice makes perfect.  With Back Pocket Band the price of perfection is in accordance with the sounds of a band experience through this state of the art software.

The Back Pocket Band software is computer based and is subject to updates as the library of accompaniment tracks are expandable.  The tracks operate somewhat like a traditional metronome in the sense that they can be sped up and slowed down.  The tracks vary from grooves to a foot-stomping bluesy vibe!

To see this musical practicing software called Back Pocket Band in action visit my Back Pocket Band review.


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