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Read more on products of ROI Unlimited<<<here! is home of the timeshare vacation rentals.  As a girl I took part in such a phenomenon as my parents owned a “red week”.  I thoroughly enjoyed living in the condominiums throughout the US and Canada!  I liked most the space, multiple rooms, upstairs, and amenities like miniature golf and indoor pools.

My parents informed me that they pay a subscription to maintain their RCI timeshare like the ones listed at  Such timeshares cost well into $20,000 and up!

My husband and I currently cannot invest in products on as we have three small children.  However, I desire for my children to stay at the nice condominium resorts as I did as a child through RCI Timeshare.

This will be possible through our membership with ROI Unlimited.  The ROI Unlimited Condo Card gets you a stay at the same type of resorts as those mentioned at  There is no annual subscription as in timeshare and it does not cost $20,000 and up!

The ROI Unlimited Condo Card costs $1000.  It will grant me access to thousands of 2-5 star resorts world-wide and there is no annual or tri-annual subscription or maintenance fees!  The one time payment is all it takes to be able to choose from the multiple resorts starting at just $100 for 7 nights!

When you compare the $20,000+ investment at products from to the $1000 investment (one time) and weeks as low as $100, it’s a no-brainer!

Though I do not have $1000 (plus processing fees)to invest in the ROI Unlimited Condo Card, I have invested in the ROI Unlimited Hotel card at $250 (plus processing fees).  With this card I save big  time at over 80,000 hotels around the globe (two-night stay required)!

You may be wondering what the ROI Unlimited Hotel Card has to do with, timeshares, and a condo card alike?  You see, ROI Unlimited has a business plan which allows a team to work together in sharing the travel discount with others.

When others join ROI Unlimited our team members’ concerted effort is rewarded by promotion!  That’s right, ROI Unlimited has a follow-me matrix (2×3) which compensates members for bringing in new members with commission and an upward advancement in the matrix.

The ROI Unlimited Condo Card is the middle leveled board.  To obtain this level without paying $1000 is through continuous team effort in sharing this grand product which is just as powerful as, yet not related!

When your ROI Unlimited team shares and brings in enough new members you are promoted to the next level.  This is my goal!  I am working to advance from the RCI Unlimited Hotel Card to the RCI Unlimited Condo Card without paying anymore!  I will take my family to similar or the same condominium resorts I lived in as a child at timeshares on and will won’t have to pay $20,000 or even $1,000 to do so!

To read more about ROI Unlimited Condo Card and Hotel Card, visit my ROI Unlimited   <<<<==Webpage!


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