Screenr is the Best Screen Capture For Free

In Uncategorized on April 13, 2011 at 2:20 am

I was helping a young lady a couple of weeks ago. She was viewing a tutorial sent to her on the page where Screenr videos are published. I studied the tutorial and when I got a break I went and researched this thing called Screenr.

It appears that Screenr has been around for a year at least. It was intended for Twitter as a means of adding a video link to your message. However, people like me use it for Twitter and then some!

You see I had an unforgettable experience with CamStudio as my last time using it ever my computer began to flash uncontrollably for a good ten minutes. At first I thought my computer contracted a virus. Later I realized that the problem was CamStudio. To this day I do not know exactly why it malfunctioned, but as soon as my computer relented from flashing feverishly, I removed CamStudio.

Secondly I began to use HyperCam. HyperCam 2 is still an existing program on my computer, but I don’t foresee using it again. It worked well except for when I recorded with sound there was an extreme delay! I hated that. I would have to record the video and then try and synchronize sound afterwards.

Screenr is so easy to use. You set up your account and begin making videos within about 5-8 minutes. The videos can be saved, sent to YouTube, shared on the Screenr site, and as previously mentioned be Tweeted. I am an affiliate marketer and I so adored the capability of others to show what they were trying to convey as opposed to showing only still shots. I cannot afford CamStatia Studio. As it stands right now I don’t need it! I’m gratefulr for Screenr!

If you’re like me and you’ve desire to know how to video your computer screen , look no further than Screenr.


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