North Carolina Certified Paralegal

In business, Law on April 13, 2011 at 5:48 pm

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The level of paper work that is undoubtedly involved in a murder case whether a pro bono case or having attorneys fees of $600 an hour is seemingly insurmountable. A good paralegal is key to meeting deadlines and having all ducks in a row in preparation for litigation. North Carolina Certified Paralegal Letecia Williams can fit that bill!

Letecia Williams can supplement your current legal assistance or if you are a new attorney provide your needs without any of the extra costs associated with paying paralegal benefits and overtime pay.

a href=””>North Carolina Certified Paralegal Letecia Williams renders her services through her practice: Perpetual Documentation Assistance. Leticia Williams has had years of experience in murder Cases, civil and family law, adoptions, Department of Social Services matters, personal injuries and criminal law matters. Her ideal vision is for the newbie attorneys who haven’t the means of developing a team of assistants right off the bat. Better yet, any willing attorney in need of her services she aims to please!

Perpetual Documentation Assistance also is serving the public in the following areas: personal injury, divorce/support/custody, adoptions, deeds, will & power of attorney.

Should you be in need of a North Carolina Certified Paralegal, look no further than the reliable services of North Carolina Certified Paralegal Letecia Williams!

  1. I need someone like you to help me on a appropriate relief in union co NC. Not a attorney.
    it is a criminal case 10 yr ago. trying to clear my good name. Or maybe you know of some one that can help me. JFOUNDATIONS1@AOL.COM



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