Turbo Ads Turbo Tycoon Text Advertising

In business on April 6, 2011 at 2:01 am

I recently joined Turbo Ads and found that you get a wealth of pay-per-click ads on top of the texted ads. Daily I log into Turbo Ads as my friend and I have an agreement where if I click for her as a referral, she’ll click for me as a referral.

When I log in there are nearly 20 ads readily available. Once I finish them if I’m on line working I check again and the Turbo Ads previewer is reloaded and waiting for me to continue the clicks.

Turbo Ads have no set time to view. I normally wait seconds after quickly reading the content for interest or not. Once I’m done glancing I move on to the next ad and earn a few more cents.

More and more advertisers are getting on board with advertising their brand through Turbo Ads or Turbo Tycoon text adverts. I have yet to buy anything, but I have completed some surveys about art.

If you enjoy pay-per-click and are looking to join a new or yet another program with many many ads available daily, consider Turbo Ads!


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