Customer Discovery with Instant Income Cash Machine

In business on April 5, 2011 at 2:19 am

As the video points out customer discovery is testing the waters before diving in full fledge. We entrepreneurs must thoroughly research the market to see whether consumers share admiration for our bright ideas. Instant Income Cash Machine is a startup and maintenance training system that can adequately prepare us to know exactly what the customer demands are!

Too often I have developed and cultivated my business ideas to no end. However, before introducing my products to the world, I had no idea what my actual target market was, the demographics of my target market, or how to price my products. It didn’t matter how many turbo ads I campaigned, without knowledge of the consumer through customer discovery I was stabbing in the dark!

Sean Gallagher is the creator of Instant Income Cash Machine and he knows all to well the importance of customer discovery. He made over $16,000 in one month selling his DJ tutorials at This alone is a live example of an instant income cash machine! Sean has many friends who he has teamed up with and their expertise together is available to train us how to succeed online with our products, whether tangible or digital.

Besides customer discovery which is so vital at the onset of a product launch or better yet before a product launch, Instant Income Cash Machine offers:

-information on CPC (cost-per-click)
-SEO (search engine optimization)
-sales pages
-landing pages
-list building
-merchant accounts (PayPal)
-membership clubs
-fulfillment houses (middle man)
-and much much more…

This type of help is certainly conducive to success. For more information on Instant Income Cash Machine, visit Instant Income Cash Machine.

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