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North Carolina Certified Paralegal

In business, Law on April 13, 2011 at 5:48 pm

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The level of paper work that is undoubtedly involved in a murder case whether a pro bono case or having attorneys fees of $600 an hour is seemingly insurmountable. A good paralegal is key to meeting deadlines and having all ducks in a row in preparation for litigation. North Carolina Certified Paralegal Letecia Williams can fit that bill!

Letecia Williams can supplement your current legal assistance or if you are a new attorney provide your needs without any of the extra costs associated with paying paralegal benefits and overtime pay.

a href=””>North Carolina Certified Paralegal Letecia Williams renders her services through her practice: Perpetual Documentation Assistance. Leticia Williams has had years of experience in murder Cases, civil and family law, adoptions, Department of Social Services matters, personal injuries and criminal law matters. Her ideal vision is for the newbie attorneys who haven’t the means of developing a team of assistants right off the bat. Better yet, any willing attorney in need of her services she aims to please!

Perpetual Documentation Assistance also is serving the public in the following areas: personal injury, divorce/support/custody, adoptions, deeds, will & power of attorney.

Should you be in need of a North Carolina Certified Paralegal, look no further than the reliable services of North Carolina Certified Paralegal Letecia Williams!

Screenr is the Best Screen Capture For Free

In Uncategorized on April 13, 2011 at 2:20 am

I was helping a young lady a couple of weeks ago. She was viewing a tutorial sent to her on the page where Screenr videos are published. I studied the tutorial and when I got a break I went and researched this thing called Screenr.

It appears that Screenr has been around for a year at least. It was intended for Twitter as a means of adding a video link to your message. However, people like me use it for Twitter and then some!

You see I had an unforgettable experience with CamStudio as my last time using it ever my computer began to flash uncontrollably for a good ten minutes. At first I thought my computer contracted a virus. Later I realized that the problem was CamStudio. To this day I do not know exactly why it malfunctioned, but as soon as my computer relented from flashing feverishly, I removed CamStudio.

Secondly I began to use HyperCam. HyperCam 2 is still an existing program on my computer, but I don’t foresee using it again. It worked well except for when I recorded with sound there was an extreme delay! I hated that. I would have to record the video and then try and synchronize sound afterwards.

Screenr is so easy to use. You set up your account and begin making videos within about 5-8 minutes. The videos can be saved, sent to YouTube, shared on the Screenr site, and as previously mentioned be Tweeted. I am an affiliate marketer and I so adored the capability of others to show what they were trying to convey as opposed to showing only still shots. I cannot afford CamStatia Studio. As it stands right now I don’t need it! I’m gratefulr for Screenr!

If you’re like me and you’ve desire to know how to video your computer screen , look no further than Screenr.

Voxant Newroom is Fun and Easy Way to Monetize Your Site

In business on April 10, 2011 at 3:48 am

Who doesn’t love a good video to accompany text? It’s kind of like looking at the picture before reading the article. Some folk do not like to read!. That being the case, Voxant Newsroom offers embeddable videos that can be relevant to your website. If you get enough views of that video, Voxant will pay you!

For more about Voxant Newsroom and other how to make money with a website, ideas click here!

That sounds so simple and it is. I’ve been using this site nearly a year now. I have a site on making money online and I put two related videos right along side the content so that they can be devoured as the text.

Furthermore, videos just enhance the appearance of a page or site. The webmaster appears to be business savvy with proper placement of a video.

So go ahead and get your free account today at Voxant Newsroom!

Turbo Ads Turbo Tycoon Text Advertising

In business on April 6, 2011 at 2:01 am

I recently joined Turbo Ads and found that you get a wealth of pay-per-click ads on top of the texted ads. Daily I log into Turbo Ads as my friend and I have an agreement where if I click for her as a referral, she’ll click for me as a referral.

When I log in there are nearly 20 ads readily available. Once I finish them if I’m on line working I check again and the Turbo Ads previewer is reloaded and waiting for me to continue the clicks.

Turbo Ads have no set time to view. I normally wait seconds after quickly reading the content for interest or not. Once I’m done glancing I move on to the next ad and earn a few more cents.

More and more advertisers are getting on board with advertising their brand through Turbo Ads or Turbo Tycoon text adverts. I have yet to buy anything, but I have completed some surveys about art.

If you enjoy pay-per-click and are looking to join a new or yet another program with many many ads available daily, consider Turbo Ads!

Average Joe’s Club Taught Me SEO

In business on April 6, 2011 at 1:35 am

I am not professing to master SEO as of yet, but I do know how to get a site to the front page of Google. I owe all thanks not to Keyword Academy, Tycoon Cash Flow, or Acme People Search. Those three are for some people, but Lu of Loophole Marketers created the Average Joe’s Club for me! Many people know nothing about SEO and Lu trains us how to rank websites on the front page of Google!

Personally I think the Average Joe’s Club is a misnomer as Lu is not an average Joe! He is a talented young man, but he is a mastermind. He reminds me much of a teacher as he uses graphic organizers to teach and show exactly how to build backlinks and order our steps to be successful.

Lu has been at affiliate marketing for some time and I find him a trustworthy source. He has affiliated with CPA Lead, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Amazon and the list goes on and on. Lu gives us his actual best practices that have made him money. He actually makes good money!

What amazes me is that he only charges $4.95 for the first month of the Average Joe’s Club which is his membership club whereby he provides explicit and direct instruction tutorial videos. After the first month it is $9.95 thereafter.

I have learned how to write reviews which have gotten me sales, how to market local businesses which has allowed me to help family, and conduct keyword research in multiple ways to have the competitive edge.

If you recently put up a website and can’t get it on the front page of Google, consider Lu of Loophole Marketers at the Average Joe’s Club!

Learn Automated Online Business with Instant Income Cash Machine

In business on April 5, 2011 at 3:14 am

Payments on autopilot, who wants them? Any entrepreneur does! Automated online business as the video declares is a true reality for some. Instant Income Cash Machine is automated online business at it best!

Sean Gallagher created Instant Income Cash Machine as he has a real life instant income cash machine in He sells DJ tutorials and made a reported $16,000 in one month! This product/service, Instant Income Cash Machine, is available that he might teach us how to make our business automated online business and a true instant income cash machine indeed!

Instant Income Cash Machine also covers:
-landing pages
-membership clubs
opt in list building
-fulfillment houses (middle man)
-sales pages
-merchant accounts (PayPal)
-SEO (search engine optimization)
-CPC (advertising on fire = turbo ads extravaganza)
customer discovery

To see for yourself the wealth of information Instant Income Cash Machine offers, visit Instant Income Cash Machine.

Learn Opt in List Building with Instant Income Cash Machine

In business on April 5, 2011 at 2:45 am

Who would have thought that simply getting individuals to opt in with an e-mail address could reap millions? The video features an individual who did just that. Sean Gallagher’s Instant Income Cash Machine is designed to train entrepreneurs how to be successful in activating leads through good content and word of mouth from others!

Newsletters are a popular feature used to have individuals opt in with their e-mail address. This mere subscription leads these curious folk to becoming willing patrons as the they do not mind partaking of the rich content you bring along with the advertisements that come along with the package. Your brand is built through trust and list building keeps subscriptions ever growing and dollars ever at influx!

Instant Income Cash Machine offers so much more than training on list building. Sean Gallagher earned $16,000 in one month with and he created Instant Income Cash Machine as a vehicle to teach entrepreneurs to make their business and instant income success as well.

How great it would be to have a list of hungry and knowledge seeking associates! This beats advertising constantly through cost-per-click campaigns, illegal spamming, forum posting, and article posting. Don’t get me wrong writing articles, setting up your turbo ads extravaganzas with cost-per-click, and social are bookmarking are all components in having a successful web presence, but an opt in list built is a rock solid base of potential customer.

Instant Income Cash Machine offers also:

-knowledge on CPC
-knowledge on SEO
-knowledge on customer discovery
-knowledge of sales pages
-knowledge of landing pages
-knowledge of merchant accounts
-knowledge of membership clubs
-knowledge of fulfillment houses
-knowledge of autoresponders
-knowledge of automated online business
-so much more knowledge …

To begin your educational quest on opt in list building with Instant Income Cash Machine, visit Instant Income Cash Machine.

Customer Discovery with Instant Income Cash Machine

In business on April 5, 2011 at 2:19 am

As the video points out customer discovery is testing the waters before diving in full fledge. We entrepreneurs must thoroughly research the market to see whether consumers share admiration for our bright ideas. Instant Income Cash Machine is a startup and maintenance training system that can adequately prepare us to know exactly what the customer demands are!

Too often I have developed and cultivated my business ideas to no end. However, before introducing my products to the world, I had no idea what my actual target market was, the demographics of my target market, or how to price my products. It didn’t matter how many turbo ads I campaigned, without knowledge of the consumer through customer discovery I was stabbing in the dark!

Sean Gallagher is the creator of Instant Income Cash Machine and he knows all to well the importance of customer discovery. He made over $16,000 in one month selling his DJ tutorials at This alone is a live example of an instant income cash machine! Sean has many friends who he has teamed up with and their expertise together is available to train us how to succeed online with our products, whether tangible or digital.

Besides customer discovery which is so vital at the onset of a product launch or better yet before a product launch, Instant Income Cash Machine offers:

-information on CPC (cost-per-click)
-SEO (search engine optimization)
-sales pages
-landing pages
-list building
-merchant accounts (PayPal)
-membership clubs
-fulfillment houses (middle man)
-and much much more…

This type of help is certainly conducive to success. For more information on Instant Income Cash Machine, visit Instant Income Cash Machine.