Gospel Keys 202 Taught Me Fancy Jazz Chords

In Gospel Music on February 27, 2011 at 2:30 am

Gospel Keys 202 is a DVD tutorial set by Jermaine Griggs. He is the founder of This set teaches how to master worship chords. I boast of learning fancy jazz chords and that is because though I have played for years, it was after my experience with Gospel Keys 202 that my playing was enhanced with a greater flavor!

This four disc DVD set gives you instruction on ear training, coupling chords together in order to transition during worship, how to play worship greats like “As the Deer”, “Hallelujah” and “Anointing”. I love the explicit teaching Jermaine Griggs provides. I am used to sitting next to an individual and learning. This DVD is just as effective and session never ends as you can rewind over and over again!

I have taken what I learned here and added my own personality to the worship chords and have expanded tremendously. I feel that that is Griggs’ intent. Initially you sound a mirror to his style. With more practice and persistence you become more comfortable and are able to express true creativity! You see, though I played I was not satisfied with the style of chords I played. I had some nice and jazzy chords in my bag, but at large I needed a refresher course. This course allowed me to register and reproduce two hand chords that sound like what jazz artist place in some respects. Those chords can liven up any song!

Here is a YouTube video with a clip of Jermaine Griggs’ Gospel Keys 202. I hope you enjoy it as much as I!


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