What Does God Want of Us!

In Christian Living, Gospel Music, Uncategorized on November 10, 2010 at 5:48 pm

Giving credence to holy scriptures, we believe the report therein of the  sovereignty of the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob.  With that, have you ever wondered what this God required of you?  I have!  I beleive God wants my service as a vessel who will bring Him glory through holiness, lovingness, giving, and witnessing.  Consider the billboard hit song, He Wants it All by forever Jones below.

This song deals with God’s desire that we as human beings, His creation, serve him wholy.  So many times we may wonder what God wants, but we are apathetic and do nothing about it.  I came to encourage all to seek God through prayer, fasting, meditation upon the holy scriptures.  Hear what he sayeth and desires of you.  I believe he will speak to your heart, whether it’s in the scriptures, through a prophet, through dreams, or in an audible voice.  He wants us for his use!

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, [which is] your reasonable service Roman 12:1

Now that we know how to seek God for our purpose and his will for our lives, what about the next level?  This is an area in which I struggle.  Yet, I know that God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him (Hebrews 11:6).  I know that there is more for me to do on earth.  This scripture alone tells us that if we remain diligent, God will reward us.  However, that same scripture states that to come to him means that we must know that God is God through faith.  By faith I know that that next level of serving God will be revealed along with the rewards for diligently seeking Him.  I believe it’s just that simple!  View the final video below as it beautifully puts for a call of action (Shekinah Glory Ministries). 

God bless you!


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