Baby Boys

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April 27, 2010 at 7:45, my son gave way!  Truly he and my two daughters are a blessing.  One of my biggest joys in life is being a mother.  I always knew as a teenager, given I had a girl first what I would name her.  I always wanted four children.  Technically I do!  One is in heaven (I shall see him someday)!  However, I did not know how fun it could be raising a little boy!  With the help of my husband and my second “mams”, my daughters, we do our best to maintain vigilant as my 6th month old grabs at any and everything!

He is lightning fast!  He can crawl already and stand himself up!  I keep the floor picked up and put him on a tarp to avoid him putting foreign things in his mouth.  He has learned to sniff as if something stinks (I taught him that)!  He is working on clapping.  For now he just bangs on everybody and everything.

We have been blessed with good health for all three children.  We’ve had a bout with cradle cap, but we’ve won that.  My son had a case of irregular bilirubin, but it’s now regular.  There was another issue that I cannot even remember six months in what it was.  I had to take my son back three times to get his blood checked.  Praise God, he is well!

I look forward to him growing, developing, and talking.  It’s obvious he is special and bright.  We are a musical family and you should see his feet running in the air as he hears any of us sing, dance, clap, or shout!  He knows good music when he hears it.

He is rough, heavy handed, and falls back on you.  I have to hold him with much assurance or else he could end up on the floor!  Most of all, he loves to eat my hair!  He sucks on it before I can relive his grasps!  It’s good to him?

If you are contemplating having a son with your spouse, go for it!  They are different from girls right from the start.  My daughters were active, but the boy has them beat, hands down!  I’ll follow up with his progress in life.  For  now I must rest up for his youthful spontaneity!


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